About Us

More than 2 decades ago in 1999, one man by the name of Andrew started a welding business doing small welding jobs for local businesses, handrails for the Sale Yards and trays for the local community. He started in a small shed on his own while working night shift in his normal job. Word quickly got around town that Andrew was now building trays and he was inundated. Andrew was Bairnsdale’s new tray builder and everyone wanted a ‘Bairnsdale Trays and Welding’ tray. His small shed turned into a tray manufacturers dream, he had the Dwyer’s trays, Mazda’s trays and The Big Garage’s trays, anything that needed a tray Andrew built it.

As time went on Andrew branched out a bit further into the welding and fabrication industry with trailers, toolboxes even canopies for Utes. He was quickly becoming bigger than ‘Ben Hurr’. Jayne, Andrew’s wife joined the business in the office in 2006, she knew nothing about anything where it came to fabrication but she quickly caught on and to this day now knows more about trays, trailers and steel and aluminium fabrication than anyone. There is not much she doesn’t know and most customers that come in are quite surprised with her knowledge .

A few years down the track and a few employees later Bairnsdale Trays and Welding had outgrown its shed on Bosworth Road and needed to expand so in 2012 Andrew and Jayne bit the bullet and built a shed on Forge Creek Road. With the ample manufacturing room and great location it was the best decision they had ever made. Currently including Andrew and Jayne, the company employs 5 Fabricators, including 2 specialist aluminium fabricators, and everyday all staff members are constantly on the go to keep up with the demand.

So next time you drive past and see the big A1 Trailers flags and the signage on the workshop, drop in and check out the quality of our work, have a look at our extensive spare parts range or even just call in and say G’day. But while you’re here be impressed with yourself because you as a community member has made Bairnsdale Trays and Welding and A1 Trailers the successful local business it is today.